Job Description – Media Business Development Manager

Job Summary


Media Business Development Manager provides support to Head of Media, and acts as an intermediary between company and customers. Providing to our clients (both individual and corporates) media products, services and solutions, and make recommendations to customers on how to best promote their brand, products or services to Chinese communities and potential investors.


Main Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Network, generate leads and grab opportunities to promotions of IPOs, fund raising, etc. to meet sales quotas

  • Assess client’s distribution or promotion requirements, understand their needs and develop a media proposal

  • Providing strategic advice across a variety of media products and services

  • Process invoices and follow up with clients, partners as needed

  • Keep record of media-related contracts, invoices and reports

  • Organizing media events or other activities


Essential Skills

  • Strong communication, negotiation and presentation skills

  • Track record of successful sales plan

  • Accuracy, attention to detail and the ability to explain the value of Allfin media platform clearly and simply

  • Excellent time management skills and the ability to prioritize work

  • Drive, energy and initiative


Desirable Experience and/or Qualifications

  • A tertiary degree or certificate in media, finance, economics or commerce category is preferred

  • Fluent in Mandarin and English, both speaking and writing

  • Great learner and excellent communication skills

  • Responsible and highly attention to detail

  • The ability to work both well in a team and autonomously

  • Prefer candidate have sound knowledge in media products and financial markets


Other Information

You are required to work at variety of shifts and may include weekends when necessary. This job description reflects the present requirements. The job description will be reviewed annually as part of the appraisal process. As duties and responsibilities change and develop, the job description will be subject to amendment in consultation with the owner.


Who is ALLFIN?

AllFin is an integrated fintech and media platform, connecting Chinese investors with:

· Up-to-date financial information, professional opinions and research reports

· Investment projects and opportunities

· Professional services providers

AllFin has been a market leader since 2009, contributed by our wide-reaching online and offline channels, such as WeChat, Weibo and YouTube. Our users are all high-net-worth Chinese investors, families, professionals, corporates and institutions.

Our mission is to provide investors with independent and professional information of Australian markets, and work closely with service / product / opportunity providers to promote precisely into target audience.







  • 根据公司战略规划,制定媒体产品销售计划,确保实现业绩指标(销售额、利润);

  • 通过各种渠道,开发、拓展新的潜在客户,并为客户提供媒体解决方案,维护良好的客户关系;

  • 负责对意向客户进行详细的评估,了解客户需求,为客户量身定制合适的媒体服务方案;

  • 深入了解和分析市场环境与竞争,制定媒体产品市场营销计划,策划、组织线上线下市场推广活动;

  • 负责客户与媒体制作部门的联系工作,反馈客户的意见与建议,持续提升服务质量和客户满意度;

  • 文档管理,定期整理、归档所有销售文件。



  • 本科或以上学历, 媒体、金融、经济、贸易等相关专业;

  • 有诚信,绩效导向;

  • 具备较强的演讲、沟通、谈判技巧以及良好的时间管理能力、学习能力;

  • 具备较强的销售技巧,并有将复杂的事情简单化的能力;

  • 具备强有力的自律和自我驱动力,高度的团队合作精神和工作热情;

  • 熟练的中英文听、说、读、写能力。

  • 具有媒体、金融行业销售经验,有客户资源者优先